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What parts of the car inspection are made


The gage is a special inspection device used to measure the quality of the dimensions. Today, we will give you a brief introduction to the components of the car inspection tool. According to the material of the product, the existing products on the market can be simply divided into stamping parts and plastic parts. In fact, these two products The required inspection tools are similar.

The components of the car inspection tool can be divided into three parts, the skeleton and the base part, the body part and the functional part part. Firstly, the materials commonly used in the base part of the skeleton are aluminum base plates, aluminum alloy profiles and other conventional metal materials. The shape part can be customized according to the actual needs of the customer. Generally, the large and medium-sized inspection tool body material can be made with non-metal wood for the weight reduction effect, and the small inspection tool can be made of aluminum material. The materials of the more important functional parts should be considered in a variety of materials, wear resistance, hardness and the life of the later use, etc., the inspection tools must be regularly maintained and treated.

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