What is the use of test fixtures in the automotive

by:Top Talent     2020-03-22
We are familiar with automobiles, so do you know automobile inspection tools? Automobile inspection fixtures are special inspection equipment for inspecting and evaluating the size and quality of automobile parts. In recent years, automotive inspection tool technology has developed rapidly and has become a mainstream technology. In recent years, fixtures detection technology has also been widely used in special projects and products. Due to its good cutting quality and precision, and unparalleled processing speed, the automotive industry generally believes that laser cutting is likely to replace stamping as the mainstream of future automotive inspection technology. Now, we will briefly introduce the application of automotive inspection tools in automotive mold manufacturing. On the production site of automobile parts, the automobile inspection tools were used to realize the online inspection of automobile parts. For this reason, auto parts need to be accurately installed in the vehicle inspection tool, and then visual inspection, or gauges, or calipers of auto parts, and the periphery of the inspection can also visually check auto parts and cars with different hole properties The positions of joints between parts and inspection pins or visual inspections of automotive parts ensure fast judgment of the quality of automotive parts during trial production and commissioning. In this case, by visual inspection or measurement, the deviation between the outline size and shape area of ??the automotive part and the relative position and theoretical value of the automotive inspection tool directly processed by CAD / CAM can be judged. For some extremely important functional dimensions of automotive parts, automotive inspection tools can also be used for numerical inspection. It is usually impossible to directly obtain the precise coordinate values ??of automobile parts based on the automobile coordinate system through the automobile detection tool, but to measure with the coordinate measuring machine through the automobile parts on the automobile inspection tool. The structure of modern automotive inspection tools is designed as a measuring table. However, when the online detection function of the vehicle detection tool and the measurement support function cannot be satisfied at the same time, the online detection function of the vehicle detection tool should be satisfied first. The above is all for you, I hope it will be helpful to everyone. If you want to learn more, you can browse our website and we will provide you with more professional information.
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