What is a welding fixture? The role of welding fixture

by:Top Talent     2020-07-01
In the assembly and welding production process of automobile body, in order to ensure product quality, improve labor productivity and reduce labor intensity, some tools and devices used to clamp and determine the position of the workpiece are often used to complete the assembly and welding work. We call these tools and devices collectively welding fixtures. The so-called welding assembly fixture refers to the accessories used in the welding process to ensure the correct relative position and shape of the workpiece to be welded according to the requirements of the structure of the workpiece, and it is suitable to obtain a firm welding joint except for the welding equipment itself. The device is collectively called a welding assembly fixture, and is simply called a welding fixture. The consumable parts and consumable parts in the welding fixture and some work that independently conduct electricity have become welding aids. In the welding process of automotive parts, except for the individual cases of flywheel ring gears and gears, which are to weld a ring and a certain welding seam of other closed bodies themselves, in most cases, several pieces of different shapes are welded together , To form a welded assembly. Therefore, welding and assembly are generally linked together, so the fixture used in the welding process is usually called a welding assembly fixture. Welding fixtures are used to ensure the size of weldments, improve assembly accuracy and efficiency, and prevent welding deformation. In order to ensure the size of the weldment, improve the assembly accuracy and efficiency, and prevent welding deformation. There are many types of welding fixtures, which can be divided into: 1. Fixture for assembly This type of fixture mainly fixes the mutual position of each part or component in the weldment according to the requirements of the body drawing and process, and the workpiece is only spot-fixed (ie spot-welded) on it, but does not complete the entire Welding work. 2. Fixture for welding The welded parts that have been fixed are placed on this type of fixture to complete the welding of all welds. Its main task is to prevent welding deformation, and make the welding seams in various positions adjusted as far as possible to the most favorable welding position. Third, install a welding fixture The assembly and welding of the entire weldment can be completed on the fixture. It has the performance of the above two fixtures. The body's large assembly welding fixture is often such a fixture. In automobile body manufacturing, in order to facilitate assembly and welding, the body is usually divided into several sub-assemblies, and each sub-assembly is divided into several joints, each of which is composed of several parts. In this way, when the body is assembled and welded, the parts are usually assembled and welded together, then the assembly is assembled and welded into the assembly, and finally the subassembly is assembled and welded into the body shell assembly. Therefore, the body assembly welding fixture can also be divided into assembly assembly welding fixture, sub-assembly assembly welding fixture and body assembly assembly welding fixture.
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