What are the methods of precision machining

by:Top Talent     2020-05-18
What are the methods of precision machining? I believe that many people may have just heard of precision machining, but do n’t know how to process it. Now, as a precision machinery manufacturer in Hangzhou, Hongke, we will introduce you to the common ones. Precision machining methods. ? According to the mechanism and characteristics of the processing method, precision machining can be divided into four categories: tool cutting, abrasive processing, special processing and composite processing. ? With the development of processing technology, many new processing mechanisms have emerged. Therefore, in precision machining, especially in micro-machining, according to the forming mechanism and characteristics of parts, it is divided into three categories: removal processing, combined processing and deformation processing. ? First, removal processing ? , Also known as separation processing, is the use of force, heat, electricity, light and other processing methods to remove part of the material from the workpiece, such as cutting, grinding, electrical processing, etc. ? Second, combined processing ? Is to use physical and chemical methods to attach (deposit), inject (infiltrate), and weld a layer of different materials on the surface of the workpiece, such as electroplating, vapor deposition, oxidation, carburization, bonding, welding, etc. ? Third, deformation processing ? Is the use of force, heat, molecular motion and other means to deform the workpiece and change its size, shape and performance, such as casting, forging and so on. ? It can be seen that the concept of processing has broken through the traditional removal processing methods, which has the characteristics of accumulation, growth, deformation, etc. At the same time, it emphasizes the surface treatment and forms the surface processing technology.
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