Use effect of hydraulic lifter combined fixture

by:Top Talent     2020-04-02

1 Shorten the production preparation cycle. The use of combined fixtures can generally shorten the production preparation cycle by more than 80%.

2 Save manpower and material resources. Because the combined fixture component can be reused for a long time, the labor of designing and manufacturing the special fixture is greatly saved, and the materials, capital and equipment for manufacturing the special fixture are saved, so the cost of the product can be reduced.

3 Improve the technological equipment coefficient and technological equipment level of new product trial production and single-piece small batch production, so that the technological equipment situation reaches the level of large-scale production, and promote the development of production.

4 Easy to guarantee product quality and avoid waste. In production, the processing of workpieces and fixtures is often discarded due to the irrational design of the special fixtures or insufficient manufacturing accuracy. The combination fixture can be reassembled and partially adjusted. When the above situation occurs, it can be remedied in time.

Because the combination fixture has a large number of components and parts in stock, and these components and parts have high accuracy and are difficult to manufacture, the initial cost of purchasing the combination fixture is higher, and the rigidity is not as good as the special fixture. But with the continuous improvement of combined fixture components and the continuous improvement of assembly technology, these disadvantages will gradually decrease.                 

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