Three-coordinate measurement provides quality

by:Top Talent     2020-07-12
With the continuous progress of science and technology and the continuous improvement of people's living standards, people's demand for automobiles is also increasing. The article takes the final acceptance of the upper right cover inspection tool of the longitudinal beam of a certain vehicle as an example to introduce the three-coordinate measurement method and steps of the inspection tool for stamping parts.

The times are evolving, and people's demand for automobiles is increasing. In order to meet the needs of the market, automobile manufacturers continue to develop their own new products. It is a complicated process from the birth of a new car model to the start of production and the final launch to the market. A lot of new inspection tools need to be produced, so the final acceptance of inspection tools is very important. The final acceptance of inspection tools includes appearance function inspection and accuracy Detecting two parts, three-coordinate measurement provides an important quality guarantee for the accuracy of the inspection tool.

1. Precision requirements

Taking high-speed movable bridge measuring machine (type is TYPHOON) as an example, the measuring range is 3300×1500×1300 (MM), the measuring accuracy is (23.0+16.0L/1000) μm, and L is the length of the measuring block.

Inspection tool is the abbreviation of online inspection tool for product parts such as stamping parts, injection parts, etc. It is a testing tool specially manufactured according to the specific requirements of the buyer. The main function of the inspection tool is to detect the workpiece. The inspection tool acceptance requires precision. Usually, the positioning hole has the highest accuracy, which is about ±0.05mm. The accuracy of the measuring machine is about 0.03mm, which fully meets the accuracy requirements.

2. The main content of the coordinate measuring fixture

Take the stamping part inspection tool as an example. As a tool for inspecting stamping parts, the inspection tool must have the functions of inspecting holes, profiles and trimming, and these aspects are also the contents of the three coordinate measurement.

2.1 Hole

The holes are divided into positioning holes and mounting holes. The role of the positioning holes is to cooperate with the positioning pins of the inspection tool to fix the stamping part on the inspection tool. The function of the installation holes is to cooperate with the marking pins of the inspection tool to check the hole position and Aperture and positioning hole are usually sunken. The tolerance requirements are ±0.05mm and ±0.1mm respectively.

2.2 Clamping block

The position of the clamping block corresponds to the RPS point of the stamping part. It cooperates with the pressing pliers to clamp and fix the stamping part, with a tolerance of ±0.1mm.

2.3 Profile

The profile is divided into a zero plane and a three/five plane. The zero plane is the distance from the stamping part is 0mm, and the three/five plane is the distance from the stamping part.

3/5mm, the tolerance requirements are ±0.2mm.
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