Three common methods of fixtures on automatic

by:Top Talent     2020-03-08
?In order to improve the processing efficiency of the automatic aluminum profile cutting machine, you first need to choose the correct fixture, and you must also use the fixture properly. Three common methods of fixtures on automatic aluminum profile cutting machines are multi-station method, group use method and local quick change method. ? The basic principle of the multi-station method is to shorten the unit clamping time and extend the effective cutting time of the tool by clamping multiple workpieces at one time. Multi-station fixtures are fixtures with multiple positioning and clamping positions. With the development and the need of users to improve production efficiency, the application of multi-station fixtures is increasing. ? The group use method is to use the same fixtures on the same workbench, which can also achieve the purpose of 'multi-station' clamping. The group use method can make full use of the stroke of the aluminum cutting machine, which is beneficial to the balanced wear of the machine tool transmission parts. At the same time, the related fixtures can be used independently to achieve multi-piece clamping, or they can be used in combination to achieve large-scale workpiece clamping. ? The local quick-change method is to quickly change parts (positioning elements, clamping elements, knife setting elements, and guide elements) of the fixture of the aluminum profile cutting machine, so as to quickly change the function or use of the fixture. The local quick change method greatly shortens the time for replacing and adjusting the fixture, and the advantage is obvious in small batch production.
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