The role of car inspection tools

by:Top Talent     2020-07-19
Car inspection tools are announced according to the specific planning and planning requirements of each model. You can use professional car inspection tools to check their size and size, and then measure and comment. They are mainly used for the measurement, adjustment and batch of mold accuracy during the production preparation stage. The size after production is handled daily. For new models, especially the development of new models, there are relatively few reference materials. At this time, car inspection tools can assist in quick commissioning operations, especially when the pre-parts and equipment status are unstable, which can become a reference benchmark. The main body of the vehicle inspection tool is a primary frame of the inspection tool, including the inspection tool base (that is, the reference surface), the vehicle face and the device. Generally speaking, the base and the vehicle face use epoxy resin or aluminum. .
In the product verification stage, automotive inspection tools can also play a key role, especially in the batch parts * trial assembly stage, many plans to admit that the operation can be carried out on the main model inspection tool. In the trial production stage, the conflict between the body-in-white and the interior and exterior plastic parts is often unavoidable. The car inspection tool can be used to determine the location of the problem, and to integrate the digital prototype with the mass-produced model and parts. Thus counseling the correction of unqualified parts, pointing out the direction for product quality improvement. Car inspection tools are usually made of red aluminum, resin or iron. Considering the daily maintenance and service life, we must regularly maintain and process them, and sometimes they need to be sprayed and treated.
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