The role of automobile welding fixtures in manufacturing

by:Top Talent     2020-07-18
With the promotion and application of various welding production processes in China, automotive welding jigs and fixtures have also been widely used in automobile equipment manufacturing and production. Automotive welding jigs and fixtures can accurately position and reliably clamp welding workpieces, which is convenient for welding parts assembly. And welding, to ensure that the welding equipment structure accuracy requires process equipment. So what role does automotive welding fixtures play in manufacturing?

1. Guarantee welding quality

Common welding quality problems in welding production are welding stress and welding deformation. Uneven local heating and cooling of the weldment during welding is the main cause of welding deformation and welding stress. In assembly positioning welding, if you do not use tooling fixtures, not only is it difficult to ensure the precise relative position of each part, but also in the welding process, it is difficult to control the deformation and stress generated by the welded part, especially for complex structures, the deformation sometimes To the extent that it cannot be eliminated, even in serious cases, the product will be scrapped, which will affect the final assembly work.

2. Reduce labor intensity and ensure safe production

With the wide application of welding technology in the automobile manufacturing industry, various welding fixtures are constantly being designed and innovated. If the welding tooling fixture that matches the structure of the weldment can be used in the workshop manufacturing, the workpiece positioning can be fast and the clamping is convenient. The tooling equipment replaces the manual to control the manufacturing tolerances, which reduces the assembly positioning and welding parts. The heavy manual labor during the intensification saves a lot of labor and reduces the labor intensity of the operating workers.

3. Improve labor productivity and reduce production costs

The production process of all welded structural parts generally includes: preparation before welding, assembly, welding, cleaning, and inspection. In general manufacturing, the amount of welding work after positioning and clamping of welded structural parts is only a small part of the manufacturing process. The labor of auxiliary processes before and after welding is much larger than the welding process itself, accounting for the entire The proportion of production time is the largest.

4. Guarantee assembly accuracy

Automotive welding fixture itself is a process device designed to meet the assembly of welded parts. The main function is to ensure that the assembled welding components can reach the designed relative position tolerance and shape tolerance before and after assembly welding, to ensure the final assembly. Assembly accuracy.

The role of automobile welding jigs in manufacturing production is shared here today. With welding structural parts being widely used in various fields, automobile welding jigs have also been widely used in manufacturing. In the manufacturing and production of welding equipment, whether it is component assembly or overall equipment assembly, welding is the key. To ensure the quality of product assembly welding, it is necessary to use tooling fixtures to complete, so automotive welding tooling fixtures are the most important parts in welding parts assembly. The weight.
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