The main points of car inspection tool design

by:Top Talent     2020-06-12
The development of automotive inspection tools is becoming more and more mature in China, and the development cycle of inspection tools in the market is also constantly being compressed. As a inspection tool company, how can we survive in the ever-changing market? This is what we need to continue to think about and change. First of all, if we want to shorten the development cycle, this requires us to clarify the design direction and key points in the early design of the inspection tool. Only when the design of the inspection tool is reasonable, can we guarantee the delivery time and quality. The first point of car inspection tool design: clear inspection requirements, we need to have a clear judgment about what needs to be tested and which does not need to be tested, and do not do unnecessary work on the places that do not need to be tested, nor can we ignore the places that need to be tested and then increase it later. Affect delivery. Key points for the design of automobile inspection tools: design the processing technology, which can save costs and improve the quality of the company. Key points for the design of automotive inspection tools: quality control at the design stage. Design is the core department of the company, and the drawings produced by it guide the work of the entire company. Therefore, the quality control of the design department is particularly important. The design quality is completed and the post-process Departments can proceed in an orderly manner.
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