The jig can be divided into the following four categories:

by:Top Talent     2020-05-31
1. general fixture general fixture general as general attachment, use no adjustment or a little adjustment can adapt to a variety of workpiece clamping, three claw chuck, four claw chuck, lathe milling machine top, parallel jaw, dividing head, rotary table, flat surface grinder electromagnetic sucker. This kind of fixture is versatile and is widely used in single piece small batch production. 2. special fixture special fixture is specially designed and manufactured for specific working procedure of a particular work piece, so it is not necessary to consider the generality. The general fixture can be designed in accordance with the processing requirements of the workpiece, compact structure, rapid operation, convenient and labor-saving, in order to improve production efficiency. But the design and manufacture period of the special fixture is long and the cost is high, and it can not be used when the product is changed. Therefore, this kind of fixture is suitable for the fixed batch and mass production of the product. 3. the universal adjustable fixture and the general adjustable fixture of group jig are similar to the structure of group fixture. They are all designed according to the principle that is adjusted properly and can be used many times. Under the condition of multi variety and small batch production organization, it is not economical to use special clamp, and the general fixture can't meet the requirement of processing quality or productivity. These two kinds of fixtures should be adopted. Universal adjustable fixture and fixture is the workpiece machining process similarity, shape similarity, similar size classification or grouping, and then press the workpiece and similar or the same group considered the design of fixture, the structure should be available for replacement or adjustment of the components, in order to adapt to the different workpiece or similar within the same group. The difference between these two kinds of fixture is: universal adjustable fixture processing object is not certain, the replaceable or adjustable parts of the design should have greater adaptability; while the group clamps are grouped by group technology, designed for a group of workpiece, the processing object is determined, the adjustable range can adapt to the workpiece you can. The adoption of these two fixtures can significantly reduce the number of special fixtures, shorten the production preparation cycle and reduce the production cost, so it has been widely applied in many varieties and small batch production. The 4. combination fixture is a special fixture assembled by a set of pre made standard components. This set of standard components and the components composed of them include basic parts, support parts, positioning parts, guide parts, clamping parts, fasteners and so on. They are produced by specialized factories, and have various shapes, sizes and specifications. When used, they can be assembled into the required fixtures according to the technological requirements of the workpieces. After the combined fixture is used, it can be easily disassembled, after cleaning and storage, the new fixture should be assembled. Therefore, modular fixture has the advantages of shortening the production preparation period, reducing the variety of special fixture, reducing the storage area of the fixture, and so on, which is very suitable for trial production or single batch production of new products.
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