The importance of fixtures in the automotive industry

by:Top Talent     2020-07-14
The automobile manufacturing industry has become an important global pillar industry, and automobile body manufacturing is one of the most critical projects in the automobile manufacturing industry.With the increasingly fierce competition in the domestic and foreign markets, consumers are increasingly demanding the quality of automobiles. The quality of body-in-white directly affects the appearance, performance and safety of the vehicle. Welding is one of the four major processes in the automobile production process.The welding quality is of great importance to the size of the car body.It can be said that in the body manufacturing process, welding is a key process and the core of the entire body manufacturing. The quality of the body welding quality determines the manufacturing quality of the vehicle. Welding fixture is the most important factor to ensure the welding quality of the body.The main role of welding fixture is to ensure the relative position between all welding stamping parts and the dimensional accuracy of the welded parts.A reasonable fixture design, welding point planning, and welding clamp selection can ensure that Welding quality reduces production costs and improves production efficiency.

The effectiveness of the fixture design is to control the body size. First, the fixture process plan is designed, the production cycle is determined according to the production plan, the welding spot planning, the body structure is divided into seven sub-assemblies, then the welding process design is completed, and the welding tree is completed. , According to the product process analysis, combined with the balanced design of the entire assembly line, while ensuring smooth flow of people, planning a welding line plan, according to the structural characteristics of the sub-assembly of the engine room, the number and location of the positioning points and clamping supports are analyzed and determined Solder spot distribution and positioning clamping method. Computer-aided design of the fixture using CATIA software, designing the base plate, L-seat, positioning pin, pressing block, etc., which not only improves the design accuracy, but also shortens the research and development cycle, and divides the cabin data into the CATIA software. Fixtures are assembled together, their clamping is simulated, and the feasibility and ease of operation of the fixtures are analyzed. The design principles of the inspection tool are briefly introduced. The engine room subassembly welded on the improved fixture is placed on the inspection tool and compared with the body data to verify the effectiveness of the improved fixture on body size control.
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