The drafting of the process of the engine block

by:Top Talent     2020-05-17
The engine block clamp is used in the engine block process very much. Today we will introduce to you the preparation of the cylinder block process as follows: First of all, after the reference, first process one side and two pins, first the surface and then the hole, first process the plane, and it is stable and reliable in plane positioning. Engine block clamp Secondly, the installation deformation can be reduced, the plane is processed first, and the hard layer on the surface is cut off, which can avoid the phenomenon of drilling deviation and cutting caused by the effect of surface convexity, burrs and hard points, and improve the processing accuracy of the hole; 3. Fine separation is helpful to eliminate the thermal deformation and internal gravity generated during roughing and improve the precision of finishing. Then, it is conducive to the discharge of iron filings, which is convenient for the production management of the workshop, and it is conducive to the timely detection of waste products and avoid the waste of working hours and production costs; After comparison, it should be processed together to a greater extent to improve production efficiency and processing accuracy. The processing of related holes on one machine can also reduce the positioning error caused by repeated positioning, especially improve the position accuracy.
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