The domestic inspection tool industry quietly

by:Top Talent     2020-07-12
'Currently, China's long-term domestic demand is insufficient, the main problem is that the economic structure is seriously imbalanced, and there is a liquid asset bubble. To fundamentally solve these problems, it is necessary to change the original economic growth model.' Industry and the transformation and upgrading of China's manufacturing,' Professor Chen Zhanyun, vice chairman of the Shanghai Investment Society and a well-known economist, pointed out that while the country is developing small and medium-sized enterprises, it must pay more attention to technological innovation and improve labor productivity.

Chen Zhanyun said that the current automobile sales volume has surged, and the upstream and downstream enterprises of the automobile industry chain have been rapidly developed. As a new industry, automobile inspection tools are quietly starting and growing. At the forum, as the first brand in China's inspection tool industry, Jiangsu Kunshan Ruoyu Inspection Tool Industry Co., Ltd. not only won its own market share in face-to-face competition with European and American companies through independent research and development and technological innovation, but also broke through various barriers. It broke the monopoly of some foreign companies.

  Automobile 'judgment' ambition

If there is no inspection tool, the previous door assembly line mainly relies on experienced masters Dongyi hammer and Xiyi files, knocking and knocking to install the door; with the inspection tool, putting the door on the professional inspection tool and passing the test can guarantee The entire assembly line is unblocked. With the inspection tool, it is possible to solve the problem of coordination and exchange of auto parts.

The body part of a car is composed of more than 3,000 sheet metal layout parts and more than 500 surface and interior trim parts. In addition, the body of the car has a high degree of automation in welding and complex appearance. It requires extremely high precision for parts. Therefore, inspection tools and fixtures have become indispensable inspection tools and tooling for auto parts, assembly parts, main molds and welding lines.

Experts pointed out that vehicle inspection tools have high technical content and higher cost. At present, importing a set of vehicle inspection tools from abroad often costs tens of millions of yuan. Some high-end automobile brand inspection tools even cost 20-30 million yuan. R&D inspection tools can reduce costs by 40 to 50%.

  The reporter searched for information and found that many domestic and foreign car brands, based on the introduction of 1 to 2 new cars per year for each brand, the market demand for inspection tools is huge.

   At present, there is no industry standard or industry association in the domestic inspection industry, and there is a shortage of talents. What they need most is the inspection tool design engineer. It is imperative to formulate industry standards and establish industry associations as soon as possible to open a road to cultivation for talents in inspection tools, promote industry development and participate in international competition.
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