Technical requirements for repairing engine block clamps

by:Top Talent     2020-05-29
Today I will take you to understand the repair process requirements of the engine block clamp: 1, decomposition Disassemble the engine and disassemble the parts until the cylinder remains. 2. Inspection and confirmation Check the spindle seat holes one by one, whether the size and backlash are within the standard range, a certain seat hole needs to be repaired, make a mark next to it, make a record, and use the rod test ring to check the coaxiality. 3. Repair welding The wall thickness of the main shaft seat of the engine is severely worn. The thickness of the wall is 0.3-0.5mm, which is convenient for welding to ensure the machining accuracy. For the main shaft seat, the wear is lighter. For the wear of the tile cover on the main shaft is not serious, the height of the lower cover is 0.1mm, and the upper surface grinder grinds the surface. For the wear on the tile cover on the main sleeve, the welding is also performed after boring. Repair welding should be done for the larger side clearance of the tile cover on the main shaft, and repair the side clearance on the tool grinding machine. After many tests, I finally found a suitable electrode for repair welding cylinder. The electrode is a nickel-copper cast iron electrode. Welding precautions: before welding, it needs to be baked at about 150 ℃ for 1h, followed by baking; the narrow channel is suitable for welding The length of the welding seam should not exceed 5 cm each time. After welding, the weld is hammered immediately to eliminate the welding internal stress and prevent cracks. 4. Positioning processing The boring template must have sufficient rigidity, stability, and reasonable structural manufacturability. In order to meet the above requirements, prevent or reduce vibration deformation and obtain good economic benefits, HT250 cast iron blanks are used, which must be aged before processing. Through the second aging treatment, the boring template and the cylinder body are directly positioned with a double pin on one side, and after comparison, they are fastened with bolts. In order to ensure the accuracy of the collision template, the processing of the boring sleeve hole on the boring template is left in the next process. After the boring template is positioned and clamped on the new cylinder body, the seat hole on the new cylinder body is used to correct the processing. After rough boring, semi-precision boring, and precision boring, the required precision is achieved. After processing, the cast iron inch is checked and the coaxiality is checked. The positioning of the cylinder to be repaired and the machine tool are corrected with a dial indicator, and the boring template is positioned and clamped on the cylinder to be repaired with a double pin on one side. Since the boring template adopts double front and rear supports, the rigidity is improved. Therefore, it is conducive to ensuring the coaxiality, or positioning and clamping the rolling boring sleeve on the seat holes on both sides of the seat hole to be repaired, and adjusting the knife to a certain size of the seat hole to be processed. After processing, use The inner diameter dial gauge measures the size after processing, determines the next upper knife size, adopts the trial cutting method, and finishes the processing one by one. 5. Inspection The size and roundness of the spindle seat hole are checked by the inner diameter dial gauge to check whether it meets the requirements. The coaxiality is checked by a comprehensive gauge. The comprehensive gauge is self-made. The comprehensive gauge is composed of a measuring rod and an inspection ring. The inspection ring is put into the inspection rod and the inspection rod is clamped on the two boring templates (or clamped on the front seat hole and the seventh seat hole ), The diameter of the inspection ring is the actual size of the hole. If the inspection ring can pass through the coaxial hole of the cylinder, it means that the coaxiality is within the allowable tolerance.
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