Pros and cons of manual fixtures

by:Top Talent     2020-05-15
Manual fixture is a fixture that can clamp the workpiece only by human operation. Its working principle is to apply force to the clamp of the tension machine with the help of human hand, so that the sample clamped in the middle of the clamp is 'stuck' to achieve a fixed effect. In this way, we can perform physical properties tests such as tensile, compression, and peeling on the sample. Fixture Manual clip has its advantages and disadvantages. Its operation is very simple, only need to put the style between two fixtures, hold the handle with two hands, and apply force to clamp. And the price is affordable. Generally, the price of manual fixtures is between a few hundred, and the quality is slightly better than one or two thousand. If you consider the investment of funds, manual fixtures are still a good choice. However, the shortcomings of manual clamps are also inevitable, the size of its clamping force depends on the strength of the operator, and sometimes may not meet the requirements. In addition, if you want to conduct the second test, you still need to manually remove the original style and then clamp the new style to repeat the operation.
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