Professional fixture

by:Top Talent     2020-06-26
Professional fixture, that is, a tool for realizing the special clamping and positioning of a certain type or a certain product. This type of fixture has a large number of applications in the automotive industry, especially automotive die-casting. Such products have complex shapes and large batches. They require very good rigidity and accuracy and efficiency. Only the rigidity of the fixture is good enough, and the clamping of parts is more convenient. Only then can the production line be more efficiently and stably produced. At present, the automotive industry requires higher and higher levels of automation. It is also required that the fixture itself has an automatic clamping function, and at the same time can communicate with the machine tool and the robot. Can tell the machine tool, robot, etc. to take the next step. Under the new development trend, fixtures are required to be equipped with the same type of mixed-line processing or fast switching, and their product clamping function is getting higher and higher. Therefore, manufacturers of this type of fixtures not only have very strong fixture design and manufacturing capabilities, but also need to have very strong process capabilities and strong service capabilities. Able to respond to customers' rapid service response and various needs. At present, in the past 20 years of rapid development of China's auto industry, a number of excellent fixture manufacturers have appeared. The efficiency and accuracy of the final professional fixture directly affect the efficiency and accuracy of the entire production process. Therefore, it is very important and critical to find a professional and excellent fixture supplier.
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