Process of automobile inspection tool

by:Top Talent     2020-06-11
????????The so-called process refers to the process flow in which manufacturers use various methods to make raw materials into products. The 'various methods' here are the processing methods of the process. So, what is the process of our car inspection tool? ???????First, the manufacturer is familiar with the 2D processing drawings of the inspection tool program, and then uses the specified materials for processing. Commonly used processing equipment includes lathes, milling machines, grinders, and wire cutting machines. This process can get preliminary parts. ??????Next, these processed parts are subjected to a surface treatment process. Car inspection tool processing technology, general aluminum material oxidation, can be colored oxidation according to the customer's oxidation color requirements, generally aluminum color and black oxidation-based; steel is electroplating and quenching, electroplating anti-embroidery, quenching and wear; It is the treatment method such as painting. ??????Then, go to the next process-three-dimensional coordinate debugging. Accuracy testing of the measuring gage parts etc. is carried out using a three-coordinate instrument. Gage parts within the accuracy range of use can be used, and parts with out-of-tolerance errors are not. After the accuracy test of the components is passed, the overall accuracy of the inspection tool is debugged. ???????The last process has reached the post-processing stage. Post-processing is the last processing technology of the automobile inspection tool process, and includes items such as nameplate installation, inspection, inspection, packaging, and delivery. Check the overall beauty and cleanliness of the inspection tool, whether the measuring tool is complete; check the operability and usability of the inspection tool. Each item is verified qualified before it can be packaged. Equipped with certificate attachments such as inspection reports and instructions, you can ship. The process of auto inspection tools is basically introduced, mature technology, reliable technical support, Dongguan Top Talent inspection tools-is a trusted partner you deserve.
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