Position tolerance of automobile inspection tool hole

by:Top Talent     2020-06-17
?As a non-standard customized measurement tool for automotive products, automotive inspection tools have become an indispensable link in the automotive industry chain because of their high precision, low cost, and simple operation. ?The accuracy of automotive inspection tools is related to the detection error of the inspection products, so high precision is the goal pursued by each inspection tool supplier. The measurement attributes possessed by automobile inspection tools include the following: 1. Measure the surface profile of the product 2. Measure the trimming profile of the product 3. Detect the hole position tolerance of the product The inspection tool supplier will have a clear tolerance setting for the above inspection parts. For example, the general tolerance of the domestic automotive inspection tool is defined as the standard +/-0.05, the tolerance of the surface inspection of the automotive inspection tool is +/-0.1, and the automotive inspection tool Hole position tolerance is +/0.1 ??However, as the capability of manufacturing in China radiates abroad, more and more foreign automobile inspection tool purchasers purchase inspection tools in China. We, Dongguan Top Talent Precision Inspection Tool Co., Ltd., have long-term cooperation with foreign inspection tool buyers. And understand the production standards of foreign automobile inspection tools. The accuracy requirements of foreign automobile inspection jigs are different from those in China. At the current stage, our customized standards for foreign customers' inspection jigs are: the accuracy of the inspection jig must meet 10% of the product accuracy, for example, the hole position tolerance of our products is +/-0.5, Then the accuracy of the hole tolerance of our corresponding car inspection tool should be within +/-0.05. Personally think that it is very scientific and reasonable to set the accuracy of the inspection tool according to 10% of the product accuracy, because the accuracy of the current automotive products is getting higher and higher, and the accuracy of the inspection tool should also be improved accordingly, otherwise the inspection tool will not be able to meet the product Inspection requirements, for example, if the position tolerance of the car inspection tool is set too large, the product will display NG when the product is inspected on the inspection tool, which will lead to a misjudgment. The smaller the tolerance of the car inspection tool hole location, the higher the accuracy of the inspection tool. The smaller the impact of the judgment, under the dual consideration of cost and accuracy, the current 10% error is acceptable.
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