Pneumatic fixture design facilitates automated control

by:Top Talent     2020-05-24
Make sure to use all kinds of fixtures in machinery manufacturing, it is mainly used to install the workpiece, with convenience and safety. There are many kinds of furniture, such as hydraulic clamps and pneumatic clamps. Pneumatic fixture is a fixture that positions and clamps a workpiece with compressed air pressure. It converts the gas pressure into mechanical energy through the cylinder, and can complete a variety of actions such as fixture positioning and clamping. Next, we introduce to you the advantages of using pneumatic fixture design. 1. Convenient operation, can greatly reduce labor intensity; Pneumatic fixture design 2. Pneumatic reaction speed is fast, so the auxiliary time can be shortened in the production process and the labor productivity can be improved; 3. Pneumatic components in pneumatic fixtures allow a small amount of leakage, so the precision requirements for pneumatic components are not too high, and it is suitable for manufacturing; 4. The use of pneumatic fixtures is convenient for automatic control. In summary, the advantage of pneumatic clamps is that it is easy to operate, and it is more convenient to realize automatic control. It can perform the work of clamping the sample without the help of artificial force. Moreover, the pneumatic fixture has a relatively fast reaction speed and high repeatability, so the test time is shortened and the production efficiency is improved during the production process.
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