Parts development should grasp four directions

by:Top Talent     2020-07-18
At present, Chinese auto parts companies are presenting a three-legged competition pattern in which Chinese brand companies, Chinese-foreign joint ventures, and wholly foreign-owned enterprises coexist. As the scale of the parts and components industry continues to expand and the competition landscape continues to change, the development of Chinese brand parts and components companies will become increasingly difficult. According to incomplete statistics, the number of auto parts enterprises above designated size in China exceeds 10,000, of which about 6,000 are larger enterprises. Foreign-funded background component companies account for 20% of the number of large-scale enterprises, while market share accounts for more than 70%. Chinese-funded component companies only account for 30% of the market share, and are showing a downward trend, with 90% of their products concentrated in the low-end segment. It is worth noting that foreign investment accounts for more than 90% of the market share of key components such as automotive electronics and engine electronic control. There is a phenomenon of Chinese brand component companies being marginalized.
At this stage, auto parts companies must strengthen strategic investment, enhance their independent R&D and innovation capabilities, and enhance their system management capabilities. Although almost all parts and components companies have implemented ISO/TS16949 and other industry certifications, some companies have insufficient execution of their management systems, making it difficult to ensure the continued stability of product quality. In addition, parts companies should strengthen upstream and downstream industry cooperation to promote coordinated development of all parties.
In the next 10 years, the strategic development of auto parts should grasp four directions. First of all, it is necessary to base on the upgrading of existing products, focus on future industrial development, strengthen the basic technology of parts and components, collaborative research and development of materials and common technology research, and accelerate the cultivation of parts platform research and development and advanced manufacturing capabilities. Secondly, based on vehicle design and development, vehicle integration technology and manufacturing, improve the generalization and modularization of components. Third, market-oriented and industrial policy-oriented, constantly improve the order of parts market. Finally, through scientific market ecological cultivation, technology introduction, digestion and absorption, by 2025, establish a perfect parts supply system with strong international competitiveness, and form a basically complete coverage of the main assembly and key/core parts The R&D system forms a business model centered on advanced production services, and basically realizes the strategic transformation of the Chinese parts industry from manufacturing to creation.
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