Overview of inspection tools

by:Top Talent     2020-07-11
Inspection tool is a special inspection equipment used to measure and evaluate the size and quality of parts.
At the part production site, the on-line inspection of the parts is achieved through the inspection tool.For this purpose, the part needs to be accurately installed on the inspection tool, and then the part profile and surrounding area can be checked by visual inspection, or a measuring table, or caliper. Inspection pins or visual inspections are used to visually inspect the holes of different nature on the parts and the connection position between the parts and the parts, so as to ensure the rapid judgment of the quality status of the parts during production. In this case, it can be judged by visual inspection or measurement: the deviation between the size and shape area and relative position of the contour of the part and the theoretical value of the inspection tool directly processed by CAD/CAM.
For some extremely important functional dimensions on the part, it is also possible to use the inspection tool for numerical inspection. Usually, the accurate coordinate value of the part based on the car body coordinate system cannot be directly obtained by means of the inspection tool, but the part is placed on the inspection tool and measured by a coordinate measuring machine. The design of the modern inspection tool also considers that it can be used as a measuring bracket. However, when the online inspection function of the inspection tool and the measurement support function cannot be satisfied at the same time, the online inspection function of the inspection tool should be satisfied first.
The measuring bracket is an auxiliary bracket for measuring parts with a three-coordinate measuring machine. All its support surfaces (points) and positioning reference surfaces (points) must be milled according to the CAD data of the parts. The measurement brackets for some special parts should also be It has the function of some inspection tools.
The inspection tool is a special inspection equipment customized according to the requirements of the demand side. The design of the inspection tool must be in accordance with the final 3D data and 2D drawings provided by the customer. The 3D data must have the correct car coordinate system. The design and manufacture of the inspection tool must pass the customer’s Approval is required for processing and delivery.
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