On how Dongguan Top Talent car inspection tool

by:Top Talent     2020-06-07
Dongguan Top Talent Automobile Inspection Tool is an auto parts manufacturing plant, used to detect whether the parts it produces can reach the set geometric tolerances, because the car is a vehicle that involves life safety and is produced in its In the process, the index requirements for various parts are also particularly high, and the same requirements for automotive inspection tools will also be very high, so how are the automotive inspection tools produced? 1. In the preliminary design of the design engineer, after careful consideration, the material, shape, size and tolerance of the designed parts must take into account the feasibility and convenience of production and processing. 2. The process planning and arrangement in the production and processing department are planned and arranged. According to different parts, the functions, functions and requirements are different, and the selected processing technology is different. The production supervisor will make the corresponding on the drawing. Mark, so that the operator can process according to the picture 3. The operation standards of the processing equipment and the maintenance of the equipment need to be done, and good equipment can produce good products. 4. The self-examination of the operator during the operation process. When the technician completes each part, he must go through his own inspection. The processed content can meet the requirements of the drawing before he can deliver it to the next operation. Fifth, there are full-time quality personnel to test all semi-finished parts to prevent unqualified parts from entering the next process.
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