Modular fixture features

by:Top Talent     2020-03-28
Modular fixture is generally a special fixture assembled for a certain process of a certain workpiece, and can also be assembled into a universal adjustable fixture or a group of fixtures. Modular fixtures are suitable for all types of machine tools, but are most commonly used with jigs and lathe fixtures. Modular fixture changes the one-way process of design, manufacture, use and scrap of special fixtures into a cyclic process of assembly, disassembly, cleaning, storage, and reassembly. The design and manufacturing cycle can be replaced by a few hours of assembly cycle, which shortens the production cycle; saves man-hours and materials, reduces production costs; also reduces the area of ??the jig warehouse, which is conducive to management. Modular fixture components have high precision and wear resistance, and they are completely interchangeable. The component accuracy is generally IT6 ~ IT7. For workpieces processed with Modular fixtures, the position accuracy can generally reach IT8 ~ IT9 level, if carefully adjusted, it can reach IT7 level. Modular fixtures have many advantages and are particularly suitable for trial production of new products and multi-variety small batch production, so they have developed rapidly in recent years and are widely used. The main disadvantages of Modular fixtures are large volume, poor rigidity, high investment at one time, and high cost, which limits the promotion and application of Modular fixtures. Modular fixtures are divided into two categories, slot systems and hole systems.
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