Models of CNC milling machines and common CNC fixtures

by:Top Talent     2020-03-10
(1) CNC milling machine model CNC machining is suitable for a variety of small and medium-sized batch production. In order to clamp a variety of workpieces of different sizes and shapes, the clamps of CNC machining should be flexible, and can be clamped by proper adjustment Shapes and dimensions of the workpiece. (2) CNC milling machine model The traditional special fixture has four functions: positioning, clamping, guiding and tool setting. CNC machine tools are usually equipped with touch test probes, tool presetters and tool setting components. The machine handles tool setting questions. The precise positioning accuracy controlled by the program on the CNC machine tool can complete the tool guidance function in the fixture. Therefore, the fixtures in NC machining usually do not need guidance and tool setting functions. They only need to have positioning and clamping functions to satisfy the application requirements, which can simplify the layout of the fixtures. (3) In order to be accustomed to the high efficiency of CNC machining, CNC machining jigs should be able to use pneumatic, hydraulic, electric and other active clamping equipment to clamp quickly, so as to shorten the auxiliary time. (4) The fixture itself should have a satisfactory rigidity, and it should be used to cut with a large amount of cutting. NC machining has the characteristics of process concentration. In one clamping of the workpiece, both rough cutting with large cutting force and finishing with the precision required to the end of the workpiece must be performed. Therefore, the rigidity and clamping force of the clamp must be satisfactory. Demand for large cutting forces. (5) The CNC milling machine model is used to multi-dimensional CNC machining. The fixture layout should be protected from the interference of the group of CNC parts on the fixture to the tool's movement track. The fixture layout should not hinder the multi-face machining of the workpiece by the tool. (6) The positioning of the fixture should be firm, the positioning element should have high positioning accuracy of Xining machining center, and the positioning part should be convenient for chip removal and no chip accumulation. If the positioning surface of the workpiece is too small, you can consider adding a technical boss or auxiliary benchmark. (7) CNC milling machine models should ensure small clamping deformation for workpieces with small stiffness, such as bringing the clamping point close to the support point to prevent the clamping force from being applied to the hollow area of ??the workpiece. When roughing and finishing are completed in the same process, if the above method cannot control the deformation of the workpiece within the range of machining accuracy requirements, the program should be paused before finishing and the operator can change it before finishing after roughing Clamping force (appropriately reduced) to reduce the impact of clamping deformation on machining accuracy.
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