Milling fixture

by:Top Talent     2020-03-29
Milling fixture is mainly used for machining planes, grooves, splines and various molding surfaces on parts. It is one of the most commonly used fixtures. It is mainly composed of a positioning device, a clamping device, a clamping device, a connecting element and a tool setting element. During the milling process, the cutting force is large, and the cutting is interrupted, and the vibration is large. Therefore, the clamping force of the milling machine fixture is relatively large, and the rigidity and strength of the fixture are relatively high. According to the feeding method during milling, the milling machine fixture can be divided into three types: linear feed type, circumferential feed type and master feed type. 1. Linear feed type: This type of fixture is installed on the working table of the milling machine, and moves along with the table according to the linear feeding mode during processing. 2. Circumferential feed type: It is mostly used on a milling machine with a rotary table or rotary drum to rely on the rotation of the rotary table or drum to sequentially feed the workpiece into the processing area of the milling machine. 3, the mold feed type: for special or general milling machine for processing a variety of non-circular surfaces. The role of the master is to assist the workpiece.
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