Main points of tooling fixture design

by:Top Talent     2020-06-22
The design of tooling fixtures is generally carried out according to the specific requirements of a certain process after the machining process of the parts is formulated. In formulating the process, the possibility of fixture realization should be fully considered, and when designing the fixture, if necessary, you can also propose modifications to the process. The design quality of tooling fixtures should be measured by whether it can stably guarantee the processing quality of the workpiece, high production efficiency, low cost, convenient chip removal, safe operation, labor saving, and easy manufacturing and maintenance. 1. Basic principles of tooling fixture design 1. Meet the stability and reliability of workpiece positioning during use; 2. There is sufficient bearing or clamping force to ensure the processing of the workpiece on the tooling fixture; 3. Meet the simple and fast operation in the clamping process; 4. The vulnerable parts must be of a structure that can be quickly replaced. It is best not to use other tools when conditions are sufficient; 5. Meet the reliability of repeated positioning of the fixture during adjustment or replacement; 6. Avoid complex structures and high costs as much as possible; 7. Choose standard parts as component parts as much as possible; 8. Systematization and standardization of the company's internal products.
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