Introduction to the advantages of hydraulic clamps

by:Top Talent     2020-05-19
Mention the hydraulic clamp, I believe everyone should know that it has a clamping function. In industrial production, hydraulic fixtures play a very large role. In addition, what we are going to introduce today is, in addition to clamping, what are the advantages of hydraulic clamps? ? As a hydraulic fixture manufacturer in Hangzhou, Hongke made a simple summary of the advantages of hydraulic fixtures, as follows: ? First of all, in the industrial production process, we use hydraulic clamps to ensure the accuracy of processing. Because the accuracy requirements of many parts are very high, there should not be a difference of a few centimetres. Therefore, the use of hydraulic fixture installation and positioning can quickly and accurately determine the mutual position between the workpiece and the machine tool and the tool. The position accuracy of the workpiece is guaranteed by the fixture and is not affected by the workers' technical level. Hangzhou hydraulic fixture ? Secondly, the use of hydraulic fixtures can reduce the labor intensity of workers and reduce labor costs, while also achieving convenient, safe and fast effects. ? Then, the use of hydraulic clamps can increase productivity and reduce costs. Clamping the workpiece with a hydraulic clamp can quickly position and clamp the workpiece without aligning it, which significantly reduces auxiliary man-hours (time for loading and unloading the workpiece); clamping the workpiece with a hydraulic clamp improves the rigidity of the workpiece, so it can be increased Cutting dosage; multiple pieces and multi-station fixtures can be used to clamp the workpiece, and an efficient clamping mechanism is used. These factors are conducive to improving labor productivity and safety. In addition, after using the fixture, the product quality is stable, the scrap rate is reduced, and the batch is excluded. Workers with lower technical levels can be arranged to effectively reduce production costs. ? After comparison, expanding the process range of the machine tool is also a major advantage of using hydraulic fixtures. It can change the original machine tool's use and expand the use of the machine tool to achieve one machine with multiple functions. ? It can be seen that there are many advantages of hydraulic clamps, which makes most of us have to dislike it. If you have a need for hydraulic clamps, you can contact us to order! In addition to hydraulic clamps, we can also provide you with many different clamp products.
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