Intelligent inspection tool improves inspection

by:Top Talent     2020-06-23
On the basis of traditional inspection tools, the intelligent inspection tool adds an automatic measurement mechanism and combines with the information processing system to automatically generate part inspection reports and data analysis reports, which improves measurement efficiency, reduces manual measurement errors, avoids errors in data processing and analysis, and improves The accuracy and measurement efficiency of the inspection report are also included. Automatic statistical analysis and comparison of online processing product inspection data can identify the conformity, stability, and consistency of the measurement data size. Design alarm rules for abnormal size fluctuations and abnormal change trends in the program to realize preventive alarms on the production line, avoid non-conforming products, batch manufacturing and continuous deterioration of the production line, and reduce the quality loss of inspection tools to a minimum The function of the intelligent inspection tool requires effective evaluation of the quality status and trends of the parts. The design of the inspection tool fully applies the industry's optoelectronic technology and mechanical processing technology, so that the automotive inspection has a higher level of flexibility and intelligence, and improve the inspection tool enterprise. Technology and cost competitiveness. At present, laser measurement technology is also an important part of the development of automotive inspection tool technology, and is beginning to be gradually used. The application of laser measurement technology in automobile manufacturing is of great significance to the improvement of automobile quality. The laser scanning measuring instrument analyzes and compares the data of the tested parts with the CATIA/UG 3D digital model by scanning and collecting data on the surface and contour of the curved part, combining data processing, three-dimensional reconstruction and digital and analog comparison, to obtain the part size and digital model The points of conformity and differences are output in the final inspection report.
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