Inspection tool price

by:Top Talent     2020-06-23
Due to the rapid increase in the number of inspection tool companies, industry competition and the pressure of vehicle costs have caused the price of inspection tools to continue to decline. According to statistics, compared with 10 years ago, the price of auto parts inspection tools dropped by nearly 50%. For example, the price of bumper assembly inspection tools was generally around 500,000 yuan in 2005, and by 2015 it was only 200,000 to 300,000 yuan. Corresponding to this, the manual design cost of the inspection tool itself continues to increase, and the cost of raw materials continues to increase. The manufacturing cost caused by the increase in efficiency has not decreased significantly, resulting in the continuous reduction in the profit margin of the inspection tool. solution Specialized integration reduces the difficulty of designing inspection system The high manufacturing cost of the inspection tool is mainly due to its single-piece order production, which has the characteristics of high precision and difficult design of the parts. The complex inspection tool design and programming design are only used for the production of single-piece order and cannot form a large number. Quantify production. According to statistics, the cost of designing, programming, and order-type tool change for inspection tools exceeds 50% of the inspection tool manufacturing cost. If mass production is adopted, the manufacturing cost will be reduced and there is huge room for development. The design and development of auto parts inspection tools require high-quality, creative engineering and technical personnel. The production and manufacturing of inspection tools requires high worker experience and skill proficiency. The inspection items are not continuous, and inspection tools companies often Facing the problem of working overtime and overtime when there are many projects and not working when there are few projects. Automated inspection tool companies have formed a professional industrial chain alliance through professional integration. Standard tools should be used in the design of inspection tools to avoid each company designing and manufacturing individually, resulting in a high proportion of design and programming personnel, low per capita output value, and cost load increase. Inspection tool recycling can be designed to reduce costs   The raw material cost of the inspection tool is an important part of the overall cost, accounting for about 30% of the total cost. At present, the service life of automobiles in China is relatively short, with a new replacement in 5 years, a modification of internal and external trims within 2 years, and a modification of external trims once a year. The accuracy of the inspection tool remains good, but it cannot be reused and can only be regarded as waste. At present, the materials commonly used for inspection tools are cast aluminum, aluminum profiles, cast steel, stainless steel, steel profiles, and substitute wood. In addition to substitute wood, other materials are fully equipped with dimensional stability, repeated cycle reprocessing, and repeated reuse conditions. , In particular, the usable value of the base plate and supporting structure of the inspection tool is very high. At present, new models of the same type generally adopt a platform design. The internal parts of different models have a small change in structure, and only partial changes have created favorable conditions for reuse.
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