Inspection tool development process

by:Top Talent     2020-06-23
Inspection tool definition: a tool specially designed for industrial production enterprises to control various mechanical sizes of products, suitable for mass-produced products, such as auto parts, to replace professional measuring tools, such as card gauges, plug gauges, and positions Degree inspection tools, etc. Specific process items of the inspection tool in the vehicle development process: 1. Development kick-off meeting Within one week after the release of the product TG0 data, the inspection engineer (FDE) organized the dimensional engineer (DE), product engineer (PE), quality management engineer (SQE), body center quality engineer (QE), and the supplier held a new product development start At the meeting, the overall development progress, review requirements and quality tracking and other related requirements were clarified. Within one week after the development start meeting, the supplier submitted the inspection tool development schedule to FDE. 2. Inspection tool design and design review After the product TG2 data is released, the dimensional engineer (DE) completes the GD&T drawings and provides them to the inspection tool engineer (FDE); the product engineer (PE) provides the product 3D data and product 2D drawings to the inspection tool engineer (FDE); the inspection tool engineer (FDE) ) Distribute GD&T drawings, product 3D data, and product 2D drawings to suppliers; suppliers design and develop inspection tools based on SOR requirements and GD&T drawings, product 3D data, and product 2D drawings; suppliers provide inspection tool solutions by inspection tool engineers (FDE) Organize size engineer (DE), product engineer (PE), quality department engineer (SQE), body center quality engineer (QE) to conduct inspection tool design review; the supplier performs inspection tool design according to the inspection tool plan The design output includes the digital model of the inspection tool assembly, the two-dimensional drawing of the assembly and the two-dimensional drawings of each part, and the inspection tool design A table; The engineer (SQE) and the body center quality engineer (QE) will review the design data of the supplier's inspection tools. After the review is passed, the inspection tool drawings will be signed and the inspection tool A form will be signed. 3. Inspection tool manufacturing and manufacturing review The supplier manufactures the inspection tool based on the inspection tool drawings completed by the review committee; after the inspection tool is completed, the supplier is responsible for completing the CMM measurement of the inspection tool; Submit the manufacturing review after the form; the inspection tool engineer (FDE) organization inch engineer (DE), product engineer (PE), quality department engineer (SQE), body center quality engineer (QE) to conduct manufacturing review of the inspection tool After passing, sign the form B. 4. Inspection tool receiving If the SOR stipulates that the supplier shall provide the inspection tool to the OEM for purchase inspection, the supplier shall make 2 sets of inspection tool, the supplier reserves 1 set and the other one is provided to SQE; the supplier provides the inspection tool to the OEM It should include the inspection tool model, a full set of drawings, the inspection tool CMM test report, the inspection tool manual and the inspection tool A\B table; the procurement center SQE is responsible for receiving inspection tools and auxiliary documents of off-site purchased parts, and is responsible for supplier inspection The re-testing of the tool should be consistent with the CMM measurement standard of the inspection tool supplier; the body center QE is responsible for receiving the inspection tool and auxiliary documents of the self-made parts in the factory, and is responsible for re-testing the inspection tool of the supplier. The CMM measurement standard of the inspection tool supplier remains the same. 5. Change of inspection tool If the inspection tool needs to be changed due to product design changes, follow the inspection tool development workflow again. Inspection tools are essential in the development process of vehicle parts. Inspection tools are the standard to check whether the parts are qualified and the key to ensuring the quality of the vehicle.
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