Hydraulic principle of hydraulic clamp

by:Top Talent     2020-05-17
Hydraulic fixture can ensure the accurate positioning and firm clamping of the workpiece at the specified position, and can reduce the vibration and deformation during processing through the floating support. Hydraulic fixture Hydraulic fixtures use the principle of hydraulic pressure: in mechanical and electronic systems, relying on the static pressure of the liquid medium to complete the energy accumulation, transmission, and amplification, and realize the lightweight and scientific function of the machine. The characteristics of hydraulic technology are suitable for the requirements of automation, high performance, large capacity, small size and light weight of various machinery and equipment. The basic function of hydraulic circuit lies in the easy control of energy transmission in the form of liquid pressure energy. From the perspective of energy transmission: hydraulic technology is roughly in the middle of mechanical energy transmission and electrical energy transmission. From the perspective of transmission characteristics: mechanical transmission and hydraulic transmission devices can be said to have fixed characteristics. On the contrary, hydraulic transmission devices and electric transmission devices are the same. The selection of hydraulic clamps should be based on the actual situation to choose the type and number of clamp components. If the clamping time is long, the pressure needs to be maintained, and a pressure maintaining unit or accumulator must be installed. The application of hydraulic fixtures is more and more widely nowadays, and the selection of semi-automatic or fully automated hydraulic fixtures has more economic value.
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