How wide is the field of automotive inspection tools?

by:Top Talent     2020-06-17
??Speaking of cars, of course, everyone knows what it is. There may be some people who do not understand it very well. When it comes to the field of car inspection tools, it needs more professional people to make it clear. ??With the development of the automobile inspection tool industry in recent years, the technical requirements of the automobile inspection tool have become higher and higher, and the technical level requirements for practitioners have also increased, so the automotive inspection tool technology field has been involved. What content ??We think from the perspective of the user. When a user gets a qualified car inspection tool, the first time he needs to know which product this inspection tool serves, at the same time he also needs to identify some of the product drawings The size requirement is to read the picture. The next step is to know how the inspection tool is used. Usually the manufacturer will equip the instruction manual, that is, to understand the function of the inspection tool. Then the next step is to verify the product according to the steps in the operating instructions to confirm whether it is qualified. This is the correct use. ??From the perspective of the manufacturer, to make a good car inspection tool, you must first start with the design work. As a design engineer, you must first digest the relevant dimensional tolerances on the product drawing before proceeding to the next design work. It is also necessary to recognize the drawings first, and then set the corresponding function settings for the check fixtures to meet the inspection requirements of the drawings for the tolerances on the product drawings. Comprehensive consideration, make a targeted and feasible design plan, the production department will then process the production according to the design drawings, and the subsequent three-coordinate and assembly work, are to use the design drawings for construction operations, one step by one Of the inspection tool. ??Because the inspection tool itself is a testing tool, the requirements on the inspection tool itself are very high, then this will involve various technical parameters, and the automotive inspection tool technology field may involve engineering mechanical material application tolerances If you want to make a good inspection tool, you need a certain ability to make a qualified auto parts inspection tool.
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