How to ensure the accuracy of automobile inspection tools

by:Top Talent     2020-06-21
Automobile inspection tools are very important inspection tools in the automobile production inspection link, so how can we ensure the accuracy of our car inspection tools? Generally, as a testing tool, it must have a very high accuracy. All parts require high-precision processing equipment and testing equipment, and each part must have a qualified quality test report. During the production process, the parts processing standards are strictly followed Execution requires relevant expertise for each processing staff. After the parts are processed, they are assembled first, and then the high-precision three-dimensional inspection is carried out to check whether the overall assembly tolerance is in line with the overall accuracy of the car inspection tool. Because of the cumulative errors in the assembly of the parts, there may be local precision out of tolerance We need to revise the parts to make them conform to the accuracy of our car inspection tools, and then send out a qualified report to the customer for confirmation. The precision of car inspection tools is through some high-precision processing equipment and high-precision testing equipment and some senior processing personnel, each link is very important, so that qualified car inspection tools can be produced.
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