How to determine the 3 planes in the design of

by:Top Talent     2020-06-11
How to determine the 3 planes for the design of automobile inspection tools? First of all, we need to understand what is the 3 planes. In fact, the 3 planes refer to the 3MM gap planes. ?Under normal circumstances, during the design of the inspection tool, the customer will clearly tell what gap the design inspection tool uses, or we will take the initiative to communicate with the customer how much gap is used. At this time, the gap setting is guided by the customer, Shenzhen Xin There is a rule for the use of gaps by the client groups that Thai inspection tools usually cooperate with: Japanese 3MM gap, European and American, 5MM, 6MM gap. ??So how do customers judge the use of gaps: 1. Standards of OEMs ?General OEMs will have clear technical requirements for their internal inspection fixtures. In the technical requirements, we can find the gaps required for the design of inspection fixtures. ?2. Product tolerance ?The setting of the gap is closely related to the tolerance of our products. The summary is: the smaller the product tolerance, the smaller the gap, the larger the product tolerance, the larger the gap. How to determine the three planes of the design of the car inspection tool should be determined according to the above conditions. Summed up in 2 points: 1. Follow customer standards. 2. Pass GD&T tolerance judgment.
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