How precise is the precision machinery

by:Top Talent     2020-05-15
Ingenuity and careful crafting can create the artwork. When an item is precise enough, it can be regarded as a piece of art. We will see many beautiful precision machinery in life. Precision machinery So how precise is the precision machine? We must know that precision machine does not mean that this machine is very small, it has nothing to do with the size of the object. The precision of precision machinery mainly depends on the difference between its size and standard parts, and its difference is particularly small, even reaching the point of 1 micron. How much is 1 micron? To give a simple example, people's hair diameter is about 70 microns, 1 micron is one-seventieth of your hair diameter, you can imagine how tiny this is. The refined precision of precision machinery is beyond our imagination. It cannot be judged by the naked eye. Only by relying on various professional measuring tools, such as a screw micrometer, can we measure that small difference. The more precise the machine, the better the efficiency of the precision machine. It is not easy to make mistakes, making our life better and making work more convenient and fast.
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