How long is delivery time of automotive checking fixture standard ?
Delivery time varies with project. Please contact us to see how we can help you meet your required delivery schedule. Top Talent Automotive Fixtures & Jigs Co.Ltdis able to beat the lead times of other manufacturers because we use a proprietary method of maintaining appropriate levels of stock raw material. To offer our customers the best possible support, we have enhanced and optimized our internal processes and technologies in a way that enables us to manufacture and deliver checking fixture even faster.

Attributed to the trust and care of customers, Talent has gained much reputation and glory. TTM's checking fixture is various in types and styles to meet the different needs of customers. Talent hydraulic fixture is well-controlled in every detail of the production. Top Talent checking fixtures are designed to improve production efficiency. With good reputation of Talent, this product has a large potential user group. The surface of Top Talent assembly checking fixtures is painted with blue color.

We are always ready to help customers for any possible problems about our check gages. Check now!
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