General methods and steps for design of small

by:Top Talent     2020-07-15
Body stampings, sub-assemblies (welded by stampings), body skeletons, various interior trims, etc. are collectively called body coverings. The manufacturing quality of the coverings is for the quality of the entire vehicle, especially the welding of cars and various types of passenger cars The assembly production and the appearance of the whole vehicle have a great influence, so the inspection of its quality has become an indispensable task for automobile manufacturers. In China, special inspection fixtures (referred to as inspection tools) are generally used as the main inspection means for important small stamping parts to control the product quality between processes. Countries such as the United States, Germany, and Japan, which are highly automated in the automotive industry, have begun to use online testing equipment to efficiently and quickly respond to product quality problems. China Shanghai Volkswagen Automobile Manufacturing Co., Ltd. introduced two sets of online testing equipment in 2001, but it has not been used effectively due to technical and management reasons, and because of the high cost and technical requirements of online testing equipment, it is difficult to be universal It is applied to the inspection of small body stamping parts. In recent years, with the rapid development of the car and bus industry, the application of body cover inspection tools in the domestic automobile industry has been quite extensive. The State Economic and Trade Commission has listed the production capacity of inspection tools in the production conditions assessment procedures of vehicle companies. The manufacture of special inspection tools with easy operation and high detection accuracy has become an urgent problem to be solved by many automobile manufacturers.
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