Fixture classification

by:Top Talent     2020-03-06
The types of fixtures can be divided according to their characteristics: ① Universal universal fixtures. Such as machine vices, chucks, suction cups, indexing heads and rotary tables, etc., have great versatility and can adapt to the transformation of processing procedures and processing objects. The structure has been finalized, and the size and specifications have been series. , Most of which have become a standard accessory for machine tools. ② Special fixture. It is specially designed and manufactured for the clamping needs of a certain product part in a certain process. The service object is specific and highly targeted. Generally, it is designed by the product manufacturer. Commonly used are lathe fixtures, milling machine fixtures, drilling dies (machine tool fixtures for guiding tools to drill holes or reaming on workpieces), boring dies (machine tool fixtures for guiding boring bars for boring on workpieces) and accompanying fixtures (for On the automatic line of the combined machine tool). ③ Adjustable fixture. Dedicated fixtures that can be replaced or adjusted. ④ Combination fixture. Fixtures composed of standardized components of different shapes, specifications and uses, suitable for single product, small batch production and temporary tasks of new product trial production and frequent product replacement. In addition to vise, chuck, indexing head and rotary table, there is a more common tool holder. Generally speaking, when the word tool holder appears at the same time, most of the holder refers to the holder.
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