Experience Sharing of Automobile Inspection Tool Design

by:Top Talent     2020-06-14
The design scheme of the automobile inspection tool and the actual inspection tool after the processing are often caused by the 'butterfly effect' due to processing errors and inadequate design considerations, resulting in unnecessary cost wastage of the inspection tool that needs to be designed or repaired. Below I will share with you some personal insights on the design experience of automotive inspection tools that need to be considered before designing. Before starting the design of automobile inspection fixtures, we need to determine the orientation of the bottom plate. Not only should the inspection fixtures be placed in accordance with the coordinates of the car body, but also the values ??of each side of the bottom plate in the X, Y, and Z directions are 5 An integer of multiples, that is, the integer digits are 5 or 0. Positioning according to the coordinates of the car body restores the installation direction of the automotive product to the greatest extent; the values ??of each side of the bottom plate are integers to ensure that the values ??of each measurement reference on the bottom plate are integers, which establishes a benchmark for three-coordinate measurement. At the same time, it can also meet the special requirements of some customers for the bottom plate and the measurement standard. Before starting the design of automobile inspection tools, we must develop a spatial composition of the inspection tool body in our minds. Everything is difficult at first, but it will not be so easy at first. But we also have to try to do it. When this action becomes a habit, you will suddenly find that you can do it. In doing so, you can compare the detection methods in advance, find the optimal detection method, and reduce the repeated modification of the ontology later.
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