Existing problems and solutions of auto parts

by:Top Talent     2020-06-23
With the rapid development of China's automobile industry, the pace of vehicle replacement is accelerating, the cycle of vehicle projects is getting shorter and shorter, the market has increasingly higher requirements for the quality of vehicles, the price of automobiles is constantly falling, and the cost pressure is increasing The development trend, accordingly the development of auto parts inspection tools should meet the requirements of short cycle, high quality and low cost. At present, the problems of cycle, quality and cost of auto vehicle projects and parts inspection tool projects are prominent, which affects the healthy development of the automotive inspection tool industry. Problems of long inspection tool project cycle and continuous shortening of vehicle project cycle    (1) The starting time of the inspection tool is late and the design cycle is long. In the 1950s, the vehicle replacement cycle was about 15 years, in the 1980s, the vehicle replacement cycle was about 7 years, and the current domestic new model development cycle is about 2 to 3 years. With the rapid development of the market, market demand is fleeting, and the vehicle project cannot be delayed. However, the starting conditions of the inspection tool are required to be complete. Generally, it is necessary to have 3D data of parts, 2D drawings, GD&T drawings or bidding documents, and vehicle assembly environment data to determine the positioning elements and inspection characteristics of the inspection tool, thus leading to the start of the inspection tool The time is 1 month later than the mold start time of the formed parts, and the completion time is generally later than the mold manufacturing.    (2) The manufacturing and processing of inspection tools and the long inspection cycle lead to the delay of the project. The traditional inspection tool manufacturing generally uses lathes, milling machines, wire cutting, and assembly processing by fitters. Although the use of 3-axis and 5-axis CNC machining centers can shorten the processing cycle, the assembly, adjustment of assembly precision, and coordinate detection The cycle is still long. solution 1. The modular and serial design is helpful to shorten the project cycle of the inspection tool The inspection tool is composed of the inspection tool bottom plate, supporting structure, positioning mechanism and so on. In addition, similar products of the same OEM are basically the same, the shape of the detection module is similar, the inspection mechanism of different OEMs is not very different, and has the prerequisites for modularization. Therefore, the modular design concept can also be adopted in the design of the inspection tool, and the modular design can replace the single-order design to reduce the development cycle. In the modular design application of the inspection tool, the modules can also be formed into series modules according to different size specifications, and a series specification database can be established, which can be directly selected from the database during design, thereby shortening the cycle time. When the database is established, the company's internal general database can be used, or a market standard industry database, that is, a professional inspection tool manufacturing company can provide a special inspection tool module. At present, China's automobile inspection tool market has formed a standardized module system. Professional companies provide standardized horizontal flip mechanism, flap mechanism, sliding mechanism, positioning pin, snap mechanism, test card mechanism, guide pin, guide sleeve The standard database and standardized parts provide technical support for the modular and serial design of auto parts inspection tools.
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