Enlightenment and Guiding Role of 'Industry 4.0'

by:Top Talent     2020-04-09
'Industry 4.0', which is the fourth industrial revolution, reflects its enlightenment and guidance to modern advanced manufacturing, especially the automotive industry, through its distinctive characteristics. By analyzing some recent developments in the domestic automobile manufacturing industry, the article proposes that it is necessary to consolidate the existing good foundation and establish high standards for Industry 4.0 in order to truly enhance its own development level. About 'Industry 4.0' 'Industry 4.0' was a national strategy to rejuvenate industry launched by German academics and industry in 2013, but it quickly gained a worldwide response and is considered a symbol of the fourth industrial revolution. The '4.0' proposes a revolutionary production method led by intelligent manufacturing and making full use of information technology and cyberspace systems to transform the manufacturing industry into an intelligent one. China ’s top leaders have paid great attention and Attention. When President Xi and Premier Li successively visited Germany in 2014, they have clearly stated that the two countries will carry out cooperation on 'Industry 4.0', which is expected to become a new direction for future industrial cooperation between China and Germany. Over the years, governments at all levels from the central to local levels have repeatedly emphasized the consolidation of the real economy. Against this background, advanced manufacturing, as one of the main components of the real economy, has received great attention and attention from relevant industries and governments at all levels. , Especially for the most representative industry of automobile manufacturing. In the context of reform and opening up, the actual situation has been since the beginning of the 21st century. In the past, 'intelligent manufacturing' incorporating many advanced technologies has gradually been accepted and practiced by more and more enterprises. At this time, the goal is not only to reduce labor intensity and improve production efficiency, but to produce In order to maximize the adaptation and meet the needs of changing markets and consumers. Today, 'Industry 4.0' has outlined a clearer and more complete development roadmap for modern manufacturing. Undoubtedly, this will greatly promote the robust growth of China's automobile manufacturing industry, which has received strong support from the country and has already had a fairly basic pillar industry. 'Industry 4.0' and modern advanced manufacturing The deep participation of the Internet in the production process has brought the manufacturing industry's dependence on labor and the optimization of production costs to a new level. As we all know, the several major industrial revolutions before, one of the main signs is to realize the mechanization and automation of stand-alone equipment, as well as to promote the improvement of the level of intelligence and the popularization of applications. The core of Industry 4.0 is the interconnection of stand-alone smart devices. The interconnection of stand-alone devices of different types and functions constitutes an intelligent production line. The interconnection of different intelligent production lines constitutes a smart workshop, and the interconnection of intelligent workshops constitutes a smart factory. The interconnection of smart factories in industry, industry and enterprises constitutes an intelligent manufacturing system with omnipresent manufacturing capabilities. These stand-alone intelligent devices, intelligent production lines, intelligent workshops and intelligent factories can be combined dynamically and freely to meet changing manufacturing needs. The important feature of Industry 4.0 is also the biggest difference from the previous three industrial revolutions. Therefore, the progress of the Fourth Industrial Revolution marked by 'Industry 4.0' is by no means just a leap in technology, but also prominently reflected in other important characteristics, which mainly include these aspects: (1) Industry 4.0 emphasizes the use of the service Internet of Things for the service functions of the entire process of enterprise operation. The system can provide corresponding services to all links in the entire plant operation process, because it includes intelligent manufacturing, smart factories and intelligent logistics. Such three themes. (2) Obviously, the core of the three themes above 'Industry 4.0' is intelligent manufacturing. After all, this is the job of any enterprise. Enterprises must also organize production according to the model of multiple varieties, small and medium batches and high-quality personalized intelligent products. (3) In the specific implementation, enterprises must also implement the principle of green production and follow the path of sustainable development. Therefore, when a factory makes a new plan, it will inevitably adopt a series of new processes and corresponding manufacturing equipment to meet this need. (4) Since the manufacturing process of a smart factory controlled by the Internet of Things can be completely integrated by a computer, the enterprise's production organization not only becomes extremely efficient, but also the application of new processes and equipment makes the entire factory both effective Clean and very compact. This has led to the reversal of the former manufacturing enterprises' migration from the cities to the suburbs. Reality and future forecasts show that the establishment of smart enterprises in urban areas will gradually form a trend. ????So far, based on the 'Industry 4.0' strategy, the connotation and extension of modern advanced manufacturing industry have been outlined.
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