Do you know what the PCBA test includes

by:Top Talent     2020-03-20
The PCBA process includes SMT chip processing, DIP plug-in, and PCBA testing. PCBA testing is only one part of the entire PCBA process and is an important means of controlling product quality. The English translation is pcba test. The PCBA test mainly includes five forms: ICT test, FCT test, aging test, fatigue test, and test under harsh environment. The ICT test mainly includes the continuity of the circuit, the voltage and current values ??and the fluctuation curve, amplitude, and noise. The PCBA test can detect problems on the board in time to adjust the previous processes such as SMT and DIP, optimize the process flow, and realize an open and flexible software platform that controls the quality layer by layer with a detection chain, supporting the use of RS232, RS485, GPIB, USB, etc A variety of interfaces can only be composed of instruments and test systems. Each user can customize FCT test systems of any size, as small as two or three instruments, according to different test needs. The universal PCBA automatic test system can use the same FCT test system to test different types of electronic products, and only needs to replace the test fixture. Ease of use The friendly user interface of the PCBA automatic test system makes it easy to grasp whether it is testing, system integration or test program editing. After simple training, employees can edit different test programs. The modular structure design of the modular PCBA automatic test system makes the implementation of FCT test system more flexible for customer application scale and improves the upgrade capability of FCT automatic test system.
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