Do you know the difference between test fixtures

by:Top Talent     2020-03-21
The jig is a carpenter, ironworker, fitter, machine, electrical control, and some other handicrafts. It is mainly used to help control the position or movement (or both). Because Taiwan was once manipulated by Japan for a long time, it became accustomed to the word 'fixture'. Classification of fixtures: fixtures can be divided into three categories: process equipment fixtures, project test fixtures and circuit board test fixtures. ? ????During the process equipment fixtures include equipment fixtures, welding fixtures, collapse fixtures, dispensing fixtures, shine fixtures, adjustment fixtures and shear fixtures; while project test fixtures include life number test fixtures Fixtures, packaging test fixtures, environmental test fixtures, optical test fixtures, shielding test fixtures, soundproof test fixtures, etc .; circuit board test fixtures mainly include ICT test fixtures, FCT functional fixtures Fixtures, SMT furnace fixtures, BGA test fixtures, etc. ? ????The use of jigs: Jigs occur because of commercial needs, including mechanical jigs, carpenter jigs, welding jigs, jewelry jigs, and other areas. Some types of jigs are also called 'molds' or 'assistances', and their primary purpose is to reproduce a certain part repeatedly and accurately. Many types of fixtures are custom made, and some are designed to improve productivity or make operations more accurate. ? ????The definition of fixtures In a broad sense, any process in the process, the equipment used to quickly, conveniently, and safely work the workpiece can be called fixtures. Such as welding fixture, inspection fixture, equipment fixture, machine tool fixture, etc. In the meantime, machine tool fixtures are the most common, often referred to as fixtures. When machining a workpiece on a machine tool, in order to make the appearance of the workpiece reach the scale of the drawing rules, a few shapes, and the azimuth accuracy of other appearances, the workpiece must be installed before processing. Good (positioning), clamping (clamping).
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