Do you know the advantages of automatic hydraulic clamps

by:Top Talent     2020-05-16
Automatic hydraulic fixtures are more and more widely used in industry because it has better advantages than other types. Automatic hydraulic fixture The automatic hydraulic fixture ensures the machining accuracy. The installation and positioning of the hydraulic fixture can quickly and accurately determine the mutual position between the workpiece and the machine tool and the tool. The position accuracy of the workpiece is guaranteed by the fixture and is not affected by the worker's technical level. Its machining accuracy High and stable. It can increase productivity and reduce costs. Clamping the workpiece with a hydraulic clamp can quickly position and clamp the workpiece without aligning it, which significantly reduces auxiliary man-hours (time for loading and unloading the workpiece); clamping the workpiece with a hydraulic clamp improves the rigidity of the workpiece, so it can be increased Cutting dosage; multiple pieces and multi-station fixtures can be used to clamp the workpiece, and an efficient clamping mechanism is used. These factors are conducive to improving labor productivity and safety. In addition, after using the fixture, the product quality is stable, the scrap rate is reduced, and the batch is excluded. Workers with lower technical levels can be arranged to effectively reduce production costs. Automatic hydraulic fixtures expand the process range of the machine tool. The use of special hydraulic fixtures can change the original machine tool's use and expand the use of the machine tool to achieve one machine with multiple functions. For example, after installing a boring mold fixture on a lathe or rocker drill, you can perform boring processing on the box hole system; you can also use a special fixture to change the lathe to a broaching machine to give full play to the role of general machine tools. The effective stroke range of the center effectively expands the number of processed parts. In addition, it also reduces the labor intensity of workers. It is convenient, safe and fast to use clamps to clamp workpieces. When using automatic hydraulic pressure and other clamping devices, it can reduce the labor intensity of workers, which is beneficial to all aspects.
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