Design structure of automobile inspection tool

by:Top Talent     2020-06-13
When designing the structure of an automobile inspection tool, it is limited by the product space, and sometimes it is necessary to achieve the feature size inspection required by the customer. It is inevitable to use some movable structures on the inspection tool. So that the product will not be interfered during installation, after the product is positioned, it can meet the detection requirements. These movable structures include flip structure, sliding structure, bullet top structure, clamping structure and so on. Before designing the structure of an automobile inspection tool, a reasonable overall layout of the placement position should be planned in advance to ensure that the placed mechanism will not interfere with other parts or products on the inspection tool when it is stationary. If it can only be placed in the position of interference due to space limitations, don’t forget to avoid it. After designing the structure of the vehicle inspection tool, an essential step is to carry out the simulation of the active trajectory. Because these structures usually need to detect the upper surface of the product, if the placement position or angle is improper, it will block the normal installation of the product. Only when the structure is simulated so that it will not interfere with other parts of the product or the fixture in the installation direction of the product during the movement, we think that the structure is placed in the correct position.
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