Design of Taper Pin for Automobile Inspection Tool

by:Top Talent     2020-06-24
?????The taper pin of the automobile inspection tool is the main and auxiliary positioning pin of the general inspection tool, which can meet the general positioning of the product and can guarantee the principle of freedom, that is, it can be positioned regardless of the change of the hole size, which is also the advantage of the positioning of the taper pin. ?????The design of the taper pin of the car inspection tool should ensure the angle of the taper pin. Generally, our design principle is 15° or according to the size of the product hole: the big end is the product hole+1 the small end is the product hole-1 ?????The design of the taper pin of the vehicle inspection tool should fully simulate the trajectory of the taper pin up and down to ensure that the taper pin can be positioned when the product hole moves up and down the limit deviation, and does not interfere with the test fixture body. ?????The design of the taper pin of the car inspection tool should refer to the product type. For example, when the thickness of the product is too thin or there is no zero sticker around the reference hole, we should consider not to use the taper pin, because the taper pin will deform the product and affect the detection. When the general product is made of plastic parts that are too soft, we should also consider the above issues. ?????The design of the taper pin of the car inspection tool can not consider the principle of the largest entity marked on the drawing, because the taper pin is not affected by the size of the hole, and is always the hole center of the positioning product.
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