Design basis of automobile inspection tool

by:Top Talent     2020-06-16
Automobile inspection tools are for auto parts. Now more and more parts manufacturers are holding inspection tools to debug products, so the function of inspection tools is becoming stronger and stronger, and inspection tools have become zero. Important reference for parts. Our inspection tool can become an important reference for customers to debug products. The fundamental reason is that the basis of our inspection tool design is designed according to the tolerance of the customer's product drawings. The inspection tools on the inspection tool correspond to the tolerances on the product drawings according to the cut-to-edge rules, that is, if the product can meet the measurement of each inspection tool on the inspection tool, then the product can also meet the product drawings Requirements. The basis for the design of automotive inspection tools is mainly product drawings, which are provided by customers. The inspection tool company designs the inspection tools according to the tolerances of the drawings. The design basis of the automobile inspection tool is a style book, which is usually provided by the customer. The style book will indicate the detection method and detection location. The basis for the design of automobile inspection tools is customer needs. When the product drawings and customer needs conflict, our inspection tool design standards should still be based on customers. As a qualified inspection tool design, we want to ensure that the inspections we design are based on evidence and cannot be designed without any basis. That is irresponsible to us and irresponsible to customers.
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