Describe the system structure and test standards

by:Top Talent     2020-03-19
?The test system structure of the fct test fixture is mainly divided into the following four parts: data storage: any product has its own function and output, the first part of the test equipment to test them is to read the functional data of the product itself Come out and store the output data through the test equipment. Control Center: This part is the most important of the test equipment. It mainly controls the test process. It records each test of the product and obtains the test results. This is the core brain of the entire test system. ? ? ????Execution part: The test equipment must obtain the execution command for the function test. At this time, the execution part of the test system is needed. It mainly executes the operation of the test fixture and builds various test environments. Data measurement part: This part is mainly a test fixture that simulates manual testing of the product, and collects the test data and compares it with qualified data. fct test fixture test standard: use the same good product to repeat the test 10 times without putting it on the premise, to verify the stability of repeated test fixture. ? ????Use the same good product, repeatedly pick and place the product, and repeat the test 10 times to verify the accuracy and ease of placement of the fixture. Verify that the output of the fixture test results is correct and that the format meets the requirements. Check the safety of operation buttons, power supply, and pneumatic control parts. Check the stability and protection measures of the fixture, paying special attention to special components, such as external optical fiber, MIC, automatic card insertion device, adapter board fixing module, pressure plate lower pin module, and other special switching devices.
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