Comparison of hydraulic clamps and traditional

by:Top Talent     2020-05-26
The main advantage of using hydraulic clamps is that it can save a lot of time when clamping and loosening the workpiece. Relevant statistics show that hydraulic clamping saves 90% to 95% of the time compared to mechanical clamping, reduces the production cycle period, improves the efficiency of machine tool use, and thus increasing output also means reducing costs. ? When processing a long aluminum alloy part, the rotating cylinder can quickly give way when the tool passes, and the tool can be quickly reset after passing. The second important feature of the hydraulic fixture system is that it can achieve very high positioning accuracy. The key is that the clamping force remains constant during positioning and clamping. Thus ensuring the consistency of processing quality under the same procedure. The scrap rate due to deformation will be minimal. ? When it is impossible to set rigid support or process thin-walled parts, the auxiliary floating support cylinder is a better choice. The combination of the corner cylinder and the floating support cylinder can ensure that the clamped workpiece is not deformed. ? The third advantage of hydraulic fixtures is that it is more suitable for the occasions where the parts to be processed are compact and space-limited when manual clamping is used (the clamping position is far away from the machine table stand, which is difficult for human hands to touch). Hydraulic clamping can easily solve these problems through the operation of the reversing valve, which can realize the simultaneous clamping and processing of multiple parts on a clamp. ? Hydraulic combination fixture can realize multi-station clamping, which greatly improves work productivity. Compared with mechanical fixtures, the initial investment cost of hydraulic fixtures is higher, and a power unit is required. However, in the long run, this investment is interesting. In the future, product changes only need to make simple adjustments to the layout and meet production needs.
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